In all likelihood, this is the end. The only question is: the end of how much? The end of Juno Steel… that’s pretty likely. Alone in a Martian tomb, Peter Nureyev gone, and Miasma’s experiments drawing to a close. Juno will outlive his usefulness any minute now, and if Miasma has her way he won’t outlive for long.

And if it’s the end of Juno Steel it may well be the end of Mars, too: with Miasma’s hands on the Egg of Purus, a superweapon strong enough to destroy the entire Ancient Martian civilization, this human civilization doesn’t stand much of a chance. What does Miasma have planned for that Martian wasteland? Where is Peter Nureyev? And just how much will Juno Steel lose? Because surely, this is the end, the final resting place… but how much will end here, today?

Episode Transcript