Penumbra Podcast Tee

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T-Shirt MockUp_Front.png
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Penumbra Podcast Tee


• First Printing of 300
• Maximum 3 per order
Unisex Sizing
• Tearaway Label

Pre-orders close Sunday at 11:59 PM (EST) 

Our first article of clothing! Now you can rep The Penumbra Podcast at the next social gathering you attend or just wear this totally dope tee while you're doing cozy stuff at home.

We're doing another pre-order for this, for a few reasons:

First, this will be our first trial run with Amazon shipping. Using Amazon helps us to produce more merch, faster, because we don't have to get papercuts on our tongues from licking hundreds of stamps and envelopes.

Next, we didn't want to guess on sizing for these –– our listeners vary in body type and fashion preferences. With this first order, we'll have a better idea of how much of each size to have in stock for....the next tee release...hmm....

Now, have at it!

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