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Depending on who you ask, the Penumbra is either the grandest railway this side of Nowhere or a twice-monthly podcast series. Each episode takes the form of a 30-50 minute radio play.

The Penumbra is all about stories you recognize told in ways you won’t expect. Your femme fatale might be an homme fatale; you might find that not every haunting needs a ghost. Your criminal underworld might advertise on billboards ten miles tall, and when push comes to shove your home might have a bit more heart than you’re comfortable with. It’s never just a heist, a Western, an adventure. It’s the parts we think are still fresh about those genres — along with what we find along the tracks.

And what will we find, you ask? Well… see for yourself.


LATEST episodes

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SECOND CITADEL – THE sportive nymphs (P2)

Posted July 30, 2018

Well, the boy-knights have definitely learned one thing about Nymphs: Nymphs LOVE Sport.

And at first, the boys loved Sport too... until it became clear that this was less throw-the-ball-around-with-your-friends-and-rivals and more blood sport. Twists and turns wait behind every rule of this violent game, and one such twist is just in the distance... where the sound of great wooden wheels signals the arrival of the Nymphs' long-awaited Damsel.

Welcome to the Penumbra, dear Traveler. We hope you enjoy your journey.


SECOND CITADEL – THE sportive nymphs (P1)

Posted July 10, 2018

What's more knightly than rescuing a Damsel? Doing it better than all the other knights, of course... especially if those other knights are really, really annoying.

Sir Marc and Sir Damien do not like each other at all. Each is extremely important to the other's favorite person, and neither understands it in the least. So when a glade of beautiful forest-women offers to watch these men manhandle one another in manly competition, how can they say no? Saving ladies, being swooned over by ladies, flexing your muscles at ladies... isn't that what the knight life is all about?

So enjoy the moment, boys, and don't be like Talfryn, sitting on the sidelines and watching those nymphs very closely. Don't question that strange sound you hear, or those markings in the grass, or the way those nymphs are watching, abuzz with anticipation of... what?



THROUGH THE PRISM OF PRIDE - THE PENUMBRA PODCAST: You deserve to see yourself in stories

We're among great company on the front page of WePresent!

"In our series Through the Prism of Pride we present stories from LGBTQ+ communities around the world, exploring the power creative expression has to bring about change, understanding and acceptance.

From a sci-fi podcast to make-believe wedding photography to an ABC for the full spectrum of identities, all these projects show pride in their own way."


11 addictive podcasts to indulge in over Memorial Day weekend

We were on the front page of Vox's "Culture" section! 

"Borrowing liberally from old-school radio drama and The Twilight Zone, The Penumbra Podcast began life as a fun project among a group of friends and rapidly became a cult hit for its queer love stories and fresh take on old storytelling. The podcast features one-off anthology-style stories ranging from gothic thrillers to Wild West heists; but interwoven between them is the ongoing fantasy-noir story of Juno Steel, a world-weary private eye who lives on Mars and winds up frequently saving the universe — all while trying not to lose his heart to a wily cat thief."



Our stories will always be available for free, but the Penumbra takes a lot of work. We want to continue to raise the production bar with each episode, and we also believe that artists should be fairly compensated for their work. We would appreciate any donations to help us keep making stories. Currently, we use Patreon for all donations.