Live Shows - 2019


Q: 18+ show? What's this nonsense?

A: There will be no difference whatsoever between the two performances, aside from the day on which they take place! The 18+ restriction is imposed by the venue, so if you are under 18 or are attending with anyone under 18, please be sure to purchase a ticket for the Sunday performance.

Q: Will either of the shows be recorded? Will those recordings be available for purchase and consumption?

A: They most certainly will! As with our previous show, we will make a recording available for digital purchase some reasonable amount of time afterwards. The recording may be of the first performance, the second performance, or mixed 'n' matched from both, so I'm afraid you can't game the system in trying to make it into the corner of a frame of the film. Oh well.

Q: What are my chances of being an audience participant this time around?

A: Math is hard! Don't ask us. But as we approach the shows, we will reach out to all ticket-holders to solicit interest in being an audience participant. At that point, we will randomly select from all interested parties and notify them ahead of time. If you would rather die than be pulled up on stage, all you have to do is...not volunteer! So far the system has been foolproof.

Q: New content, eh? Is this the old Train From Nowhere I love and cherish? I don't know if I trust this newfangled live episode.

A: I know you're only a generic question asked by an anonymous amalgamation of imagined ticket-buyers, but C'MON! New content is exciting! This will be all the same goodness you know and hold dear from the podcast, but we want to make the live experience special for you by providing little snippets that you can't hear anywhere else.

Q: But...IS IT CANON???

A: Get out of here, Sophie Kaner! I see you lurking there; get back on this side of the website! This Q&A is over, you hear me, OVER!



THANK YOU to all who came to our first live show! We are so honored; you made this so special for us and filled the room with love. And to those who missed it: don't worry. This was too much fun to not do again.

Enjoy some photos from this incredible experience.  (All photography by Alice Chuang)



Huge thanks to the Rockwell and staff for hosting our sold out show!

Simon Moody slaying in these killer heels as Pilot Pereyra

Leslie Drescher as Cassandra Kanagawa, punk-dream-babe.

Sophie Kaner as the hyper-competent Sasha Wire.

Joshua Ilon as our favorite bi P.I., Juno Steel.

Twins! Leslie as Cecil Kanagawa, the reality-TV savant with some...interesting...murder-related...hobbies...

Pre-show prep: Noah putting on Nureyev's trademark accessory, and lookin' real slick while doing so.

Noah Simes as the mysterious Agent Rex Glass

Simon Moody as Mayor Pilot Pereyra, telling you what's what

Kat Buckingham as Min Kanagawa, the momager of your nightmares

Proud Dad™ Kevin, moments before the Live Show.

Noted Gays

Hard to be cooler than Ryan Vibert, who provided live improvisations of his original music at the Penumbra Live Show! (Also, that guitar strap is awesome ).

Hurtling along a life-or-death situation involving spinning blades, cameramen, and more terrors...with Joshua and Noah as Juno Steel and Agent Rex Glass.