you deserve to see yourself in stories.

We've always loved stories, whether they be science fiction, swashbucklers, high fantasy, horror, or mystery. We grew up passionately reading, watching movies and TV, and playing video games. But eventually we started to notice that a lot of the stories we consumed were the same ones over and over again, and we got tired of it.

Why did every boy and girl who adventured together have to end up romantically involved? Why couldn't a woman be tough and fierce without also being sexy? Why did every gay relationship end in tragedy? And where were all the people who didn't fit into the gender binary?

And one day, we realized that we couldn't wait any more for the stories we wanted. So we decided to write them ourselves. Maybe you've been waiting for them, too. If you have, we hope you'll join us at The Penumbra to listen.




11 addictive podcasts to indulge in over Memorial Day weekend

"...The Penumbra began life as a fun project among a group of friends and rapidly became a cult hit for its queer love stories and fresh take on old storytelling. The podcast features one-off anthology-style stories ranging from gothic thrillers to Wild West heists; but interwoven between them is the ongoing fantasy-noir story of Juno Steel, a world-weary private eye who lives on Mars..."


interview with sophie & kevin - radio drama revival

"Join me as we dive into the world of The Penumbra, an anthology series that updates classic genre stories with some well-deserved representation. We play their revised Part I of Juno Steel and the Murderous Mask, and chat about genre fiction, the philosophy of science fiction, and Problematic Faves."

AudioVerse Awards – 2016 WINNERS

"The Penumbra Podcast – AudioVerse Award Winner for 2016's Best New Original, Long Form, Small Cast, Ongoing Production"

The week's best podcasts: Stephen King, BoJack Horseman, Werner Herzog

"The Penumbra Podcast, a storytelling show that gives classic tales a head-spinning twist, released an entertaining intergalactic whodunit."

The Penumbra Podcast is Queer AF

"...and good Lord, I cannot stress this enough: the performances are really REALLY good...I think that these folks are making something really amazing."

5 Best New Fiction Podcasts of 2016

"The Penumbra Podcast is one of the most talked about fiction podcasts of 2016. Garnering an impressive online following, The Penumbra sparked fans to create theories, fan art, and head canons, the likes of which have not been seen since Welcome to Nightvale and break out hit, Wolf 359."


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