Season two


Detective Steel is in a slump, and Maia King might have just the case to bring him out of it.

One problem: half the case is going to be figuring out what the case even is, because if Ms. King is to be believed, the culprit would have to be… well, something that doesn’t exist.

The stakes are life-or-death here… so hopefully Juno can figure out whose life or death before time runs out.


15: JUNO STEEL AND the kitty cat caper (PART 2)

Juno Steel’s first day back on the job has started well: he’s outnumbered, cornered, and almost certainly going to be killed any second now. Just life as usual in the PI business. 

This case may be typical, but the solution will prove anything but. The mystery, after all, is one of the strangest Juno has ever encountered: who kidnaps a woman’s cat… just to replace it with an exact copy of the one they’ve stolen? 


16: JUNO STEEL AND lesson learned (Part 1)

Working for a man as connected as Ramses O’Flaherty means access to places nobody else gets to go… or wants to, as it turns out. Because on this case Ramses is sending Juno into the Fortezza, Hyperion City’s prison for criminal genius, to stop a murder before it can be committed. 

Who’s the victim, you ask? Well… Ramses, of course.


17. JUNO STEEL AND THE lesson learned (PART 2)

Mick Mercury is a walking disaster, and appropriately enough, he’s picked a disaster of a case to drop in on. In his attempt to prevent a murder, Juno Steel’s added two potential victims: Mick Mercury… and himself. 


18: jUNO STEEL AND the  dragon's den (part 1)

Someone is out to kill Ramses O'Flaherty -- and whoever they are, they should be here. A killer called this home, but it isn't any kind of home Juno's ever seen before. This is a place where the impossible happens, where an ancient heroine walks the streets, where dragons live on every mountaintop... and where nothing is ever as it seems.

Welcome to Polaris Park.


19: JUNO STEEL and the dragon's den (part 2)

Illusions run wild in Polaris Park, whether they be holograms or robotics or secrets and lies. But here's something that's not illusory: Juno and Rita are in danger. Security chief Yasmin Swift, who was supposedly leading the investigation on a killing, is apparently the culprit... and until Juno and Rita find out where, how, and why she did it, every thrill in this theme park may be their last.


20: JUNO STEEL AND THE stolen city (PART 1)

“Look for a woman with one ear outside the First Museum of Colonized History in Hyperion City.”

That’s what the notice said to Yasmin Swift, both culprit and victim of Juno Steel’s last case. And ever since, Juno has been looking for that woman: for a month straight, while the clock ticks down, while the election creeps ever closer. He needs to find her, and quickly, if he hopes to keep Ramses O’Flaherty kicking, if he hopes to give this city a shot at anything better. 

Today Juno’s going to find that one-eared gangster, and he’s going to learn something very important about leads along the way: sometimes it’s worth leaving a piranha on the line if it means you might catch a whale. 


21: JUNO STEEL AND THE stolen city (part 2)

Late at night in the Museum of Colonized History, just a few short days before the election that will decide the fate of Hyperion City, Juno Steel is watching the Mayor participate in a heist gone horribly, horribly wrong. And typically a heist not going well would be great news for Juno Steel, Private Eye… if only his bust of that heist hadn’t also just gone belly-up. 

The crooks will escape in half an hour. Juno and Captain Omar Khan of the HCPD are running out of time to stop them, and prevent the trail of bodies they’re leaving behind them from getting any longer. And they just might be able to do it, if nothing else goes wrong.

Which is, of course, precisely the cue for something to go very, very wrong indeed. 



The story goes that two hundred years ago, when the War was at its most brutal, Erin Marshall D’Arc made the most important discovery in Martian history… and never shared it with anyone. 

An election always makes itself about the present, and so Juno Steel never expected that this case would bring him two centuries into the past. Yet here he is, on the trail of Mayor Pilot Pereyra, with a Private Eye at his side and hundreds of years of history to dig through. Down here in the Free Domers’ ruins lie traps and treasure, if the tales are true… and if Juno wants to survive he’ll have to solve two mysteries simultaneously: one about the present… and one about a family more than a century dead. 



This case was supposed to be simple. Go into the Old Subway system, figure out what Mayor Pereyra is trying to get, stop them from getting it, then go home to a parade and a new world order. But now three days have passed, and the election looms, and still Juno, Alessandra, the Piranha, and Pilot Pereyra are down here, waiting for something in the distance. 

It seemed like it was going to be simple. But in this line of work, when you’re dealing with mysteries of the present, past, and future… nothing is ever as it seems. 



If you had asked Erin Marshall D’Arc, the Free Dome was supposed to be for everyone. Anyone who wanted a home away from the War, she said, could have it. 

If you had asked Marshall Erin D’Arc, the Free Dome was only for the best of the best. Only those who could create paradise, he said, could have it.

If you ask Mayor Pilot Pereyra, the Free Dome belongs to the highest bidder. Whoever finds it, they say, owns it – and they can do with it as they please. 

And if you ask Juno Steel, Private Eye, drained of blood and confidence? You can keep your lousy Dome. Because something about this place doesn’t sit right with Detective Steel… and he’s rapidly running out of time to figure out what it is before Pilot decides they’re done with him.



It's December 24th, and you know what that means: it's Mista Steel's birthday, and it's up to Rita to make it the best birthday ever in a star-studded special that includes both of Juno's friends and some people who are lukewarm about him. Can Rita put together the ultimate birthday party in thirty minutes? Maybe! Is Juno's birthday really on the 24th? This episode is not canon and the Martian calendar is famously inconsistent, so I don't know, what do you think!


25: Juno steel and the time gone by (part 1)

I do suggest you reconsider this particular destination, Traveler. Most places on Mars are dangerous, but the desert holds threats no human can survive. Radiation beats down from above, subterranean predators rumble below, and before you lies nothing but sand and heat and time.

And behind you… do you see that growing shadow in the distance, Traveler? It is always there. And depending on how you play your cards it may be your only way out… or the most dire threat of all.

Welcome to the Penumbra, dear Traveler. We hope you enjoy your journey.


26: juno steel AND THE TIME GONE BY (PART 2)

People bury a great deal beneath these Martian sands: bodies and secrets and even entire cities. But some things refuse to stay buried long – like the past. Those we thought lost, hoped lost, but never gone for good.

Buddy Aurinko is learning that lesson the hard way. Her buried past has a face and a name, and though all Buddy wants is to forget, her past does not seem content to be forgotten.



Today we journey within. Within the sands of Mars, to the clinic of Hanataba; within the Theia Spectrum and its labyrinthine connections; within the mind; within the past itself.

Try to throw away the past if you like, Juno Steel, but it lies within. And you can't lose your past without losing yourself... can you, little monster?



"You did it in one day. One choice. When you let him in, when you let the hero rob us blind without taking a thing."

That's how Sarah Steel justified the murder of Benzaiten Steel, twenty-one years ago. But the day she was referring to was even older: fifteen years before that. A motive a long, long time in the making.

But what does that mean? How could one four-year-old child ruin three lives?

Juno remembers. But what he remembers... can't be right. It can't be.

It can't be.



He tunes the radio, sorts through static for answers. Only questions, clean and clear: can one child really ruin the lives of his entire family?

A ghost-sound, like a voice; then, gone.

Why did he have to stay with her? Who was that at the door, all those years ago? Did his life, her life, Juno's life... did they all have to end this way?

No port in the static storm. But then, distant, a sound. He's found it, he thinks; tunes closer, and closer, feels the rush of answers, the relief of a mystery solved. It comes closer, a banging sound, like footsteps, echoing... and then he's found it.

And he wishes he hadn't.

Here comes Turbo. The Man of the Future.