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Our podcast would be nothing without our listeners. We are proudly listener supported via our Patreon page, where our backers receive early releases of episodes, commentary from our actors and creators, and other perks.


The award-winning Penumbra Podcast is a twice monthly audio drama, available to listen for free. Created by Sophie Kaner and Kevin Vibert, The Penumbra Podcast bends genre and gender, telling stories you recognize in ways you don’t expect.




Co-Producer, Director, Sound Designer

Sophie Kaner is the co-creator, director, and sound designer for The Penumbra Podcast, as well as Head of Episode Development for Hyperion City Productions.

She is also a dancer and actor who works in the Boston area as a solo performer/teacher and with her award-winning burlesque / drag / performance art troupe.

She does her best to break down the gender binary wherever she goes.



Co-Producer, Lead Writer

Kevin Vibert is the co-creator and lead writer of The Penumbra Podcast, as well as Head of Operations for Hyperion City Productions.

He has a Bachelor’s in English from University of Massachusetts Amherst as well as a Master of Arts in Teaching from Tufts University.

He is a high school English and Creative Writing teacher by day and strives to bring the central value of The Penumbra Podcast into every one of his classes: that everyone deserves to see themselves in stories.

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Production Manager

Noah Simes is a Boston-based actor, director, and producer. He has appeared on stage with a number of local companies, including Flat Earth Theatre (A Bright Room Called Day, The Farnsworth Invention), Imaginary Beasts (Knock!, Winter Pantos), Bad Habit Productions (Orlando), and Fresh Ink Theatre (That Time the House Burned Down).

Recent directing credits include the premiere reading of (We Are) The Antarcticans in 2018 and the world premiere of From the Sea, to Somewhere Else in 2016.

Noah performs regularly with local favorite Sh!t-Faced Shakespeare, though he is perhaps best known for portraying homme fatale Peter Nureyev on The Penumbra Podcast.


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Head of Design

Alice Chuang is the Head of Design for The Penumbra Podcast, working on branding, digital media, marketing, photography – basically anything that touches visual aesthetics.

Currently she is also a product designer at Facebook, working on Messenger. Alice has designed mobile and web experiences for a number of tech companies, ranging from early-stage startups to LinkedIn and Google.

Alice has a degree in Film and English from Mount Holyoke College. She loves nothing more than building (aesthetically-pleasing) things from scratch.

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Kat Buckingham

Outreach Director

Kat Buckingham is a creator and collaborator in the Boston area. She first joined The Penumbra Podcast as a voice actor, and later as Outreach Director to expand our audience and set up our merchandise operation.

Kat has engaged in theater and performance arts throughout her artistic career in various projects. Currently, she is preparing for a performance of Matt & Ben for later this year, and is spearheading a new live-storytelling experience called The Campfire Narratives.

Kat has a degree in Social Thought and Political Economy from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and currently lives in Somerville, Massachusetts.



Joshua Ilon

Juno Steel


Sir Caroline and other voices.

simon moody

Pilot Pereyra, Vivien, Croesus (Live Show), and other voices.


Rita and other voices.

matthew zahnzinger

Sir Damien, Ramses, and other voices.

noah simes

Peter Nureyev, Lord Arum, and other voices.

kat buckingham

Alessandra Strong, Queen Mira, and other voices.



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The Penumbra Podcast releases episodes every other Tuesday.


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I began listening due to a recommendation from a friend, and can honestly say I’m extremely glad I did. The stories are paced perfectly, with snappy dialogue and memorable characters that you can’t help but love, even after only half an hour... I’m eternally thankful for the wonderful queer representation all across the spectrum, and I can’t describe the delight I felt in the first episode when I realized they weren’t actually queer-baiting. If you’re on the fence, give this a listen.


I love this podcast with every fiber of my being... Between the characters, the storytelling, the voice acting, and the representation, I’ve become very attached to this show since the first episode. In particular, the fact that Juno is genderqueer is incredibly important to me because there aren’t many characters I can relate to in that aspect. When I learned that he is genderqueer I genuinely started crying because of how happy I was. However, this is a show you can enjoy even if you aren’t a member of the LGBT community. I’d sincerely like to thank everyone involved in making The Penumbra Podcast and to encourage those who haven’t listened to this podcast to do so.


I went into this podcast mostly blind... So when I found that that Juno Steel took place in one of my favorite genres and was brilliantly written, with high stakes and higher sound quality, and with amazing characters that I fell in love with pretty much instantly, I was floored. Absolutely amazing all around. I’ve already re-listened to a few episodes and I’m sure this is going to be on repeat for years to come.